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Tony and the Haunted Goldmine

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ISBN-10: 1541005422 or ISBN-13: 978-1541005426

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The Story: It's Halloween day, and Tony and his dog have been out all morning. When they get home, Tony finds a note from his mom on the kitchen table. It's bad news: Josh and his siblings are missing and no one knows where they could be. The whole town is out searching for them.

Tony remembers that Josh was bragging to a couple of kids about how brave he was. Josh was going to prove it by going into the abandoned goldmine last night. Everyone has heard all the scary stories about it, how it collapsed during a huge thunder storm and trapped the miners inside. They say it's been haunted ever since.

The news says "the storm of the century" is headed towards town, just like the one that destroyed the mine. Tony tries to reach his mother, but she's not answering his texts. He tries to find an adult to tell about where the kids might be, but he can't locate anyone.

Ominous clouds are warning that the storm is near. Tony is worried that the kids won't be found in time unless he does something right away. But what can he do?

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